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I finally have some free time again and it is taking the form of some template updates.

While sempress worked for a quick solution (and I am still using a number of elements of it), I really need something new.  So I have begun work on a new layout.  Its not quite going to work the way I had originally imagined it, but I believe that it will suffice for now.


More to come soon now that I'm out of the weeds of my last project.


My decent into the Indieweb continues...

I have been working as I can to keep adding new features to OpenBlog.  And I have to say, I am pretty proud of what I have done thus far. '

New features now include having Notes, showing mentions of my posts and notes, and just recently I have finally started adding the ability to actually send webmentions.  Now the question is.  What to work on next.

Here is the current list

  • clean up admin controls - This will be necessary at some point since I want to have this responsive enough to work on my phone.  Posting a quick note from mobile would be great.  Currently many of the controls don't even work.
  • fix the design - I am no artist, but I clearly know this site needs a lot of work.  The header could certainly use fixing and comment display is not pretty.   I also have a lot to learn to make sure all my microformats markup is correct.
  • Syndicate to Silos - I want to at least syndicate to 1 location as a test, but really I feel this should wait until my site looks halfway decent. (see previous entry)
  • indieAuth - I'd like to be able to have friends easily able to log in with indieAuth to my site and from there get my personal info and get access to anything extra I add (private photos, etc.)  This could be pretty essential for some of the things I want to really get to work on.
  • Contacts List - I want to have a page the gets populated from friend's sites that is my list of contacts and info.  Personal access only, and a mobile design.  Basically start to implement Tantek's Mobile Communication Ideas.  This would mean translating my current address book in (probably just some csv import so I have a start point too).
  • Anything else you can suggest.

What do you guys think I should work on next?

As of today, I have webmention working on my site. What does webmention mean? Well start by checking out IndieWebCamp. Its basically a system for people to like and comment on my posts by simply making posts on their site and sending me some notice of it.

I have a lot of work ahead of me still. I want to be able to send out these types of posts, and I don't even really have any admin interface for my site. I am typing this right now straight in to the database. Yes, I'm just that cool.

Actually, I just noticed regular mentions aren't noted anywhere. I shall have to fix that.

A second post. I am in the midst of building my entire site from scratch.

I say from scratch but in reality I am actually ripping apart opencart to build on their basic MVC structure. Hopefully I will have this in github by the end of the day. If not, next week.

As of today I am finally setting up my personal site. I have only owned this URL and hosting for it for about a year and thus far had only used it to be my email address.

So what is it that lit a fire under me? IndieWebCamp and IndieAuth. I’ll be working on some new ideas I have for how we could get people to host their own contact info. It could be quite nice. Perhaps working with other sites like to follow an open standard.

That would be amazing. Anyway, back to work.