There are still a ton of things I want to add to Postly (what I call the software that runs this site). I have something of a running list and I honestly cannot keep up with it. One of the next features I really want to add is getting reposts working well. Twitter has 'retweet', Facebook has 'share', IndieWeb has 'repost'. The really tricky, but also somewhat fun part is getting the look of it just right. Do you pull in the HTML or just the text? Hint, displaying HTML from another site opens you up to all kinds of security issues. My real desire on this task is to get the ability to really show what other people are saying. But suppose I want to comment on it. Once you start adding commentary, things get a bit weird. Are you just citing them and commenting, or are you reposting? If you only include part of the text, you are clearly just citing, if you include the entire original post its a reposts. If you include the entire original post, and then comment its.... both? These weird little corner cases actually convey a significantly different intent when reading. I really need to think carefully about what I really want to get out of it. There are so many options when it comes to these fine nuances which is what makes IndieWeb so excellent. You can all have your own way to make your system, and we still all place nice together.