Why do we say tickled pink? Why is envy green?
Why do people think I'm red when I'm mad or mean?
Does being sad and lonely really make me blue?
Does my current state of mind really change my hue?
Why are bad guys all in black, while good guys all wear white?
And things are always sort of gray when you aren't sure whats right?
What will people think of you if you've got multi-colored skin.
Will they tip their hat and smile or will they laugh and grin?
Purple can mean you are regal, if scared then you are yellow
But what will people really think of a pink and orange fellow
A green thumb is good with plants, red handed, caught being bad.
But what exactly does it convey when hands are teal and plaid?
These are the things that I now ask ever since our class trip
to the tie-dye factory and that big dye vat slipped.