There lies a great sound and between two great hills it can be found. Each hill is adorned with its own town. And those two towns across the sound disliked the other with complaints abound. They would range from complaints of a hound in the town that would howl far too loud and the sound would echo across the sound. The other town would complain that the town had far too many ships in the sound causing their own ships to sail round and round waiting their turn to enter the sound. Some of the younger people had found they could make friends across the sound. They would meet on an island that centered the sound. One day the children from either town were playing and fooling around. They chased each other around and back and up and down. And as one child had wound round a tree, He tripped on a mound and suddenly found he was being launched into the sound. Oh the splash and subsequent yelling made such a sound it could be heard for many a mile around. Many people came rushing to the sound to see what was the terrible yelling around. The boatmen saw first and quickly rowed the island in the center of the sound. But what they found was that they were too late; the child had drowned. And as the news travelled the people all frowned for they all knew the child who had drowned. And when they finally put the child to ground so many came from all around. The held the service on that very island and they found that the crying and wailing did resound in the sound. And in a memory of that very child the feud was ended, relations were mended, and there was finally peace all around.