I was told recently that just writing reactionary content was not "in the spirit of the 100 days challenge." To that I say bullshit.

I can see the 100 days challenge being many different things to many different people. For example I believe originally it was top get would be authors writing more and more. Not publishing every day, just writing. The idea is to not take any days off. For bloggers this became publishing well thought out ideas daily for 100 days. The other part of the challenge was to restart counting if you didn't do one day. Anyone who says "I did the 100 days challenge, I just missed ..." didn't follow the spirit of the 100 days challenge.

For me the point of the challenge is two fold. Firstly it is to be social. I am working to define the future of the social web, it's rather silly to not be using ny site constantly, trying to be social. Second, the point is top use my site. My site is always in need of work and the more I use it the more I find things to fix.

Actually, after yesterday's Silversteen inspired poem, I am thinking about sifting to a lot more poetry.