Day 1 with OSX: so far so good, except I have no idea what the difference is between Cmd and Ctrl. suspect they are randomly assigned.
Cmd is what you use for menu shortcuts. Ctrl is an extra modifier, or for compatibility with shells and things. Enable the floating keyboard to ...
Running anything in full screen on OS X is a barbaric act and should never be done.
There's the little arrows in the top right of every window, and the 'Zoom' menuitem on the Window menu. To add a shortcut, go to System Peefs>Keyboard> Shortcuts >App Shortcuts and hit +. Put 'Zoom' into Menu Title and pick your key to zoom the front window full screen
Haven't looked yet, but is that new. The system prefs never had an option to "make full screen". Honestly thats just one example. I am used to not needing a mouse at all other than in a web browser or a few other apps. Which means there needs to be LOTS of shortcuts.