Author Image Posts for December, 2014

My wife and best friend Sean are amazing. They got me a Christmas present that I was definitely not expecting. A Moto360. I spent the rest of the day constantly checking for updates on it. So cool! Thank You so much you two!

#Indieweb new years resolutions: To roll out some new feature on your site for 2015-01-01. I am going to try to build in the ability to check-in at locations. I already added UI to my posting client, though I'm not sure its working. Mostly its just displaying these posts that I'll have to work out. has some nice examples. (Happy now @tantek? I posted it :P )

Thank You everyone for all your warm and wonderful birthday wishes today. Especially all off you on Facebook. A huge thank you goes to my amazing and beautiful wife who managed to pull off a surprise party for me... while pregnant! She normally can't keep a secret from me but she managed to completely catch me unaware. I love you so much babe! Thank You to those that helped out with it too. It made for a truly great birthday.

Happy Birthday To Me. Now back to fixing the screwed-up code of a former co-workers. I want to be doing indieweb things though :(

@kylewm2 @huffduffer Very cool. I can't wait to see this method become more popular. Never bother filling in a profile again.