Author Image Posts for April, 2014

OpenBlog Developement Still Going Strong

My decent into the Indieweb continues...

I have been working as I can to keep adding new features to OpenBlog.  And I have to say, I am pretty proud of what I have done thus far. '

New features now include having Notes, showing mentions of my posts and notes, and just recently I have finally started adding the ability to actually send webmentions.  Now the question is.  What to work on next.

Here is the current list

  • clean up admin controls - This will be necessary at some point since I want to have this responsive enough to work on my phone.  Posting a quick note from mobile would be great.  Currently many of the controls don't even work.
  • fix the design - I am no artist, but I clearly know this site needs a lot of work.  The header could certainly use fixing and comment display is not pretty.   I also have a lot to learn to make sure all my microformats markup is correct.
  • Syndicate to Silos - I want to at least syndicate to 1 location as a test, but really I feel this should wait until my site looks halfway decent. (see previous entry)
  • indieAuth - I'd like to be able to have friends easily able to log in with indieAuth to my site and from there get my personal info and get access to anything extra I add (private photos, etc.)  This could be pretty essential for some of the things I want to really get to work on.
  • Contacts List - I want to have a page the gets populated from friend's sites that is my list of contacts and info.  Personal access only, and a mobile design.  Basically start to implement Tantek's Mobile Communication Ideas.  This would mean translating my current address book in (probably just some csv import so I have a start point too).
  • Anything else you can suggest.

What do you guys think I should work on next?

Haha, I know this video.  It was mentioned on TWiG, and they actually purchased my Twitter handle from me.

Webmention Glory

As of today, I have webmention working on my site. What does webmention mean? Well start by checking out IndieWebCamp. Its basically a system for people to like and comment on my posts by simply making posts on their site and sending me some notice of it.

I have a lot of work ahead of me still. I want to be able to send out these types of posts, and I don't even really have any admin interface for my site. I am typing this right now straight in to the database. Yes, I'm just that cool.

Actually, I just noticed regular mentions aren't noted anywhere. I shall have to fix that.