Haven't looked yet, but is that new. The system prefs never had an option to "make full screen". Honestly thats just one example. I am used to not needing a mouse at all other than in a web browser or a few other apps. Which means there needs to be LOTS of shortcuts.

Feels really random since i'm coming from AwesomeWM where i use WinKey for everything. OSX lack of a unified "Make this full screen" shortcut, drives me nuts.

Happy Birthday to my two lovely children. Happy surviving our first year of twins to my wife and I!!

I don't get why everyone is playing such an old video game today. Mario Party 5... that seems random. But everyone keeps talking about having a cinco de mario party. :-P
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Thanks to an update of brid.gy, now reactions on FB get backfed to my site as well. YAY!
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New reacji UI, backfed reacji from twitter now working, and all likes are now converted to reacji hearts! #indieweb
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"I don't think I've ever said this before in my life but that bathroom smells delicious." ~Alyssa
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