The faces people make when someone asks to take that last seat on the train... how dare people scrunch you in sir.

This morning I was picturing Christopher Walken reading off words from Eminem. 'Two... Trailer park girls, they go 'round the, outside. Round, the outside. Round the outside.' or 'I know that you got a job, Ms. Chaney, but you husband, it's his heart, and y'know, its... its complicating' . Really random things make me laugh.

MBTA canceled the trains before and after this one, then sends only a half size train. People at hyde park ate going to get turned away again I'll bet.

@Dribble Ever though of allowing the outside world to follow and like your users content? Join us at #indiewebcamp

@elfpavlik If proven for the general case I would certainly consider it, but

actually, thats sort of what we have here, just becomes a matter of making mention sends immediate, mention receives immediate and polling private. Also need to auto-tag the reply-to, which i think would be the most complex as if you start replying to posts out of order that could get messy. Also, how do you group message?

I agree it feels pretty heavy for what it is doing, perhaps for this protocol it would have some authenticated version of webmention that would include the body of the message. This way it gracefully falls back to standard webmention.

For me its 1 remote and my phone. #chromecast :-D Oh and that 1 remote is only for power and volume (sometimes)

Need to quickly test edit and delete, make sure it STILL works. Edit does. As do Delete and Undelete... YAY. note to self, common/home.tpl does not show deleted items any more. need to fix that.