Weight: 243.2lbs

Woohoo, official, week 3 weigh in... And I'm now at 9.4 lbs total!
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Weight: 245.6lbs

Not an official weigh in day, but testing syndication to Facebook and Twitter
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Successfully made my first ever souffles this morning... Should have taken a photo before we are them. Side note, my children love souffles.
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To-do: set up inkblot in a docker image. So I A) learn docker better and B) have a better working environment for it.
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Haha. Yes indeed. Someone made that gif for me when I had mentioned it. Most people don't recognize the movie. Its a shame, it was such a hilarious film.

We got the cover photo! http://www.enterprisenews.com/news/20161127/west-bridgewater-group-miracle-to-families-with-multiples
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It should have reached who you replied to, it also ended up getting in to the #indieweb IRC channel, and I'm not entirely sure how. Haha