IndieID not supporting Facebook

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I have not really discussed it yet on my site, but I have been working on a new IndieAuth compatible service. is now up and available for use by anyone using indieauth! The code is not terribly clean yet.  I spun this project out of a RelMeAuth library but it quickly evolved in to a full-blown indieauth service. The code is all up at and pull requests are definitely welcome.

I have already added support for Github, Google+, and even Instagram, though this is a really big hack and will likely break often.   I have not yet added support for Twitter as it uses OAuth 1 while the others use OAuth 2.  And the difference is certainly enought that its not on the top of my priorities.  Recently I had been working quite hard to get Facebook support, but alas my attempts have fallen short.  What follows is an explanation of exactly where Facebook's API prevents any ability to add support and maintain security of the users.

I've got a baby sleeping on my chest, a dog sleeping on my lap, and another baby across the room who is stirring... hmmm.

That moment when: the nice quiet room is interrupted by a nice loud splatter sound and you look at a pair of twins completely unsure who to blame... the dilemma is who too check first

For those that have been asking. Here are the pertinents and such. Zoey Ann Roberts, born at 3:23 pm on 5/16/15, 5 lbs 1 oz, length 17.25 inches. Sophie Louise Roberts born at 3:24 pm on 5/16/15, 5 lbs 3 oz, length 17.5 inches. Neither required a visit to the NICU!

The beauty of the micropub protocol is that you can now pick your own posting interface from any number of them. Aaron has certainly done a great job with Quill.

Overheard a woman on TV ask a kid "How many triangles can we make out of that 100 sided polygon?" My brain yells "Infinite! Any triangle can be easily broken in to four triangles, then repeat." Maybe I'm over thinking it.

My nephew asked my mother "How do the babies get out of the belly?" My mom responds "Its kind of like pooping but from a different hole."

Thanks @Tassos_Company my wife's tomato allergy isn't stopping us anymore. We just polished off our first jar eating ravioli and the pizza earlier this week was delicious!

So annoyed right now. After home depot messed our shades once already (they measured then wrong), I wake up to find they aren't the blackout shades they were supposed to be. Gah!