Author Image Posts for October, 2015

People are ridiculous. Simple fact. Ridiculous. I just don't understand what people really have to complain about. I pre-ordered the Nexus 5X almost the moment I could (I subsequently cancelled my order to reorder it when my Google Fi invite came in, but that's another story). This phone is cutting edge and people are ordering it to be cutting edge. Guess what that means? It means your charger is cutting edge too! People are complaining about an extra $13 accessory when they are doing at least $400 on a phone. And it's an accessory that most people don't need. The new phone has impressively fast charging, and what will hopefully be a good battery life. By the time the battery starts to wear to the point where you need multiple chargers, odd are there will be type-C accessories aplenty. Seriously, when is the last time you really needed to plug your phone directly to your laptop? What's that? To flash it? Well then you are probably a developer and ordered (our should have ordered, you cheep-ass) the Nexus 6P. Seriously, just order your converter cable if you want it and shut up.
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