Author Image Posts for March, 2015

hmmm, seems my micropub endpoint still sends an rsvp value even if its not set... fixed on the server, but still an issue. test syndication to twitter too.

It was really written as more of a proof of concept and figured others can hopefully contribute to it.

@dave_menninger I could, I just haven't really taken the time to build it to a point where I feel its stable enough for that yet.

Been working pretty heavily on Postly over the past few days. IndieWebCamp is great for inspiring you to build.

Cleared up a bunch of excess code, must have been at least 2000 lines of code. And no problems thus far.

Having a nice light laptop that is pretty solid is certainly getting me to code more. Giant HP laptop did not do that for me.

OSX is a mouse heavy OS. Keyboard shortcuts feel like an afterthought. Things like maximize/minimize have no shortcut. Really wish it did.

Competition breeds innovation applies to standards as well. Maybe one day we can all play together #indieweb #pumpio #jsonld

Tim Berners-Lee dropped in to the Social Working Group F2F meeting, so we got him in our group photo.

Fully expecting some people to show up quite tired to f2f this morning. Running at 6:30 am. Good luck with that.

This train is even more crowded than my usual one. I feel bad squishing people but my plantar fasciitis is coming back. Gah

@NetPartyBoston We'd love your input on creating distributed social networking

@AttendDotCom Interested in indieweb RSVP support? IndieWebCamp is next week.

Purchased a cell phone microscope thing from radioshack clearance sale. Photographing so many random things super close up.

The faces people make when someone asks to take that last seat on the train... how dare people scrunch you in sir.