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MobilePub: A Mobile MicroPub Client

Over the past few days I began work on my first mobile #indieweb app. Rather than dig in to the long and treacherous path that is native app development, I decided to go another route: Apache Cordova. It also goes by the more recognizable name, PhoneGap.

I have to say, the development is impressively simple. Everything is done in javascript, html, and css. This means all those wonderful libraries for web development like jQuery, you can import and make use of. In just a few days I have indieauth, and micropub working to be able to post to me own site. Between last night and this morning, I even got photo uploads working.

There are a number of things I want to get working, including audio file recording and posting. This will be a particularly difficult hurdle as the type of audio file recorded, seems to be different on every phone. iOS records to wav (seriously?), some android phones record to AMR (never heard of it until now) while others might record to some other asinine format.

Anyway, expect to see plenty of updates on my progress