Month of 2016-5

Hoping to have it mobilepub ready for someone to demo in my place next week at #indiewebcamp
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I really need to get these images in mobilepub replaced with svgs. Also need to make the back button work. Shouldn't be too difficult. But I find I am already posting much more.
Still working on fixing some issues with the new mobilepub. There are plenty to fix. Hoping for some Pull Requests.
Haven't looked yet, but is that new. The system prefs never had an option to "make full screen". Honestly thats just one example. I am used to not needing a mouse at all other than in a web browser or a few other apps. Which means there needs to be LOTS of shortcuts.
Happy Birthday to my two lovely children. Happy surviving our first year of twins to my wife and I!!
I don't get why everyone is playing such an old video game today. Mario Party 5... that seems random. But everyone keeps talking about having a cinco de mario party. :-P
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