Author Image Posts for March, 2014

Hard At Work

A second post. I am in the midst of building my entire site from scratch.

I say from scratch but in reality I am actually ripping apart opencart to build on their basic MVC structure. Hopefully I will have this in github by the end of the day. If not, next week.

Episode IV: A New Home

As of today I am finally setting up my personal site. I have only owned this URL and hosting for it for about a year and thus far had only used it to be my email address.

So what is it that lit a fire under me? IndieWebCamp and IndieAuth. I’ll be working on some new ideas I have for how we could get people to host their own contact info. It could be quite nice. Perhaps working with other sites like to follow an open standard.

That would be amazing. Anyway, back to work.