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This morning I was picturing Christopher Walken reading off words from Eminem. 'Two... Trailer park girls, they go 'round the, outside. Round, the outside. Round the outside.' or 'I know that you got a job, Ms. Chaney, but you husband, it's his heart, and y'know, its... its complicating' . Really random things make me laugh.

MBTA canceled the trains before and after this one, then sends only a half size train. People at hyde park ate going to get turned away again I'll bet.

@Dribble Ever though of allowing the outside world to follow and like your users content? Join us at #indiewebcamp

@elfpavlik If proven for the general case I would certainly consider it, but

actually, thats sort of what we have here, just becomes a matter of making mention sends immediate, mention receives immediate and polling private. Also need to auto-tag the reply-to, which i think would be the most complex as if you start replying to posts out of order that could get messy. Also, how do you group message?

I agree it feels pretty heavy for what it is doing, perhaps for this protocol it would have some authenticated version of webmention that would include the body of the message. This way it gracefully falls back to standard webmention.

For me its 1 remote and my phone. #chromecast :-D Oh and that 1 remote is only for power and volume (sometimes)

Need to quickly test edit and delete, make sure it STILL works. Edit does. As do Delete and Undelete... YAY. note to self, common/home.tpl does not show deleted items any more. need to fix that.

Social API User Stories

#indieweb Since I don't have edit access to the W3C wiki, here are some additional suggestions to W3C Social API User Stories

Basic User Stories

  1. Tagging another user's photo
    1. Adam sees a photo that Bob poste, recognizes Cece in the photo, and notices that she is not tagged.
    2. Adam tags of Cece in the photo.
    3. Cece sees that she has been tagged in a photo.
    4. Cece does not like how she appears in the photo and removes the tag of herself.
    5. Dan sees the photo and notices Cece in the photo.
    6. Dan is prevented from tagging Cece in the photo again.
  2. Tagging a user's post with additional information
    1. Eddy creates a post saying that he is at XYZ Bar
    2. Frank knows the bar and decides to tag the post with the exact location.
    3. Gabe wants to join Eddy at the bar, and clicks the location tag to see exactly where the bar is
    4. Hank thinks Eddy should mark this post under the category "Bars" so he tags it with this category.
    5. Eddy later sees the category and does not like it, so he removes the tag and decides to prevent anyone from adding additional tags to this post
  3. Private Sharing
    1. Ian wants to share a file with Jan
    2. Ian posts the file file to his site with it set to only show to Jan.
    3. Jan receivies a notice that Ian has shared a file with her.
    4. Jan views the file and decides to leave a thank you comment on the file for Ian
  4. Direct Messaging
    1. Kyle wants to tell Lisa something privately.
    2. Kyle sends her a message that no one else can view.
    3. Lisa is notified she has a message.
    4. Lisa reads the message and responds privately.
    5. Kyle is notified that he has a message.
    6. Kyle views the message and rereads the previous message in the conversation.
    7. Kyle responds to Lisa's message privately.
    8.  Lisa is notified again and reads Kyle's newest message as well as the entire conversation but does not respond.
  5. Contact Info
    1. Milo just moved and wants to share his new phone number and address.
    2. Milo views his Contact List and decides to share this information with only his "Close Friends" list which includes Olivia and Patrick.
    3. Olivia wants to call Milo to hear about his new place.
    4. Olivia opens her contact list and sees that she has Milo's phone number.
    5. Patrick wants to see if he lives near Milo's new address.
    6. Patrick opens his contact list and sees that Milo updated his address and decides that this should overwrite the old address info from his contact list.
    7. Quinn wants to call Milo.
    8. Quinn opens her contact list but sees that she does not have Milo's phone number.
    9. Quinn requests Milo's contact info.
    10. Milo is notified that Quinn has requested access to his contact info.
    11. Milo decides to only share his phone number with Quinn and not his address.
    12. Quinn is notified that her request for access was approved.
    13. Quinn opens her contact list and sees Milo's phone number and calls him.



@pennjillette just saw The Nightly Show. Looks like the weight loss is going well. You look fantastic.

The next IndieWebCamp is fast approaching. If anyone is interested, head over the

@philipdurbin, @rascul3, @mlncn, @timmmmyboy will you be joining us for IWC Cambridge this year?

@kevinmarks, @jgarber will you be joining us remotely again for IWCCambridge?

@willowbl00 I don't know that I ever saw the results from your video on what is the indieweb. Did you ever finish it? We have another IWC coming up soon in Cambridge.

@caseorganic @benwerd @erinjo @obra @mattl @jeckman You were all at IWC last year? Are you coming back this year?

Finished reading Ready Player One this weekend. It was a very fun read. I would definitely recommend it. I would almost worry that it somewhat places itself into a limited audience of the gamers and people who grew up in the 80s, but I think it still has wide enough appeal.

Thankfully I don't have that problem, but my dentist usually adjusts to the person, he makes sure to add a lot for my wife who is super sensitive. Just need to remind them every time.

hmm, it would be a little bit more work, but you could make someone auth to subscribe to your site. I log auth with your site to subscribe, or my site could do that automatically through some endpoint on your site.

@SenWarren is fighting for a free and open internet. I have yet to hear something about her I don't like.