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I had never heard of, but its a thing. Basically just start at that url and all your Amazon purchases will give a small cut (0.5% I believe) to a charity of your choice. For example, search for 'Keeping Pace With Multiple Miracles Inc' and set that as your charity. If you want to go all out, check out Its a Chrome plugin to always change amazon links to links. cool.
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Weight: 243.2lbs

Woohoo, official, week 3 weigh in... And I'm now at 9.4 lbs total!
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Weight: 245.6lbs

Not an official weigh in day, but testing syndication to Facebook and Twitter
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Successfully made my first ever souffles this morning... Should have taken a photo before we are them. Side note, my children love souffles.
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To-do: set up inkblot in a docker image. So I A) learn docker better and B) have a better working environment for it.
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Haha. Yes indeed. Someone made that gif for me when I had mentioned it. Most people don't recognize the movie. Its a shame, it was such a hilarious film.

We got the cover photo!
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It should have reached who you replied to, it also ended up getting in to the #indieweb IRC channel, and I'm not entirely sure how. Haha

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JF2 nears FPWD status. And I have three initial hacks in place that I will need for my arcade machine to work the way i want.

Now with templates parsable by IndieWeb! (I think... we'll find out when my site parses the context history). Next step is webmention?

Thats what webmention is for, yes. Right now its slightly different as the syndicated copies don't know about the original. Also no feedback of comments. Hoping that fix gets pulled in soon and people start to use the plugin. There are already plugins for wordpress and drupal, i'm hoping to get some for, friendica, and diaspora too.