Hello Facebook, hopefully

As today is hack day at #IndieWebCampUK I have decided it is finally time to start testing out syndicating all my longer posts to FaceBook. 

Starting last week I began having my site cross post all my quick notes to twitter.  These notes will hopefully be small and get posted often.  I don't want to flood everyone's FaceBook feed, so I won't do all of those, but I will share any longer ones.

What the hell am I talking about? Well its pretty cool.  I make a post on my site, it sends a message to a http://brid.gy and where I already signed up and gave it access to twitter and facebook.  Next, it will automatically post to those sites and include a link back to the original post (you can turn that off).  Okay, thats a little neat, but here's where it gets really interesting.  It will continue to watch the posts it made on my behalf on facebook and twitter.  If anyone likes/favorites, comments/replys, it will pass that information back to my site so I can display it on my page.  Any response from twitter or facebook will all be in one place.  I will eventually do this to Google+ as well, but there I have to make the post manually.

A big thanks to the gang at http://indiewebcamp.com for making this all possible.  They are really figuring out a new way for the web to work.

Also note, I know the site needs a lot of graphical work.  Give me a break, I'm not a designer.  I'll be updating it slowly as I have time.


Chris Lydon, Stephanie Guertin. I pushed brid.gy to update sooner. Your likes arleady got copied over to http://btmb.me/s/u
here i'll test for you