Building out of yesterday's post I have seen the problem with most all of the JSON-LD crowd. They want to map JSON-LD to EVERYTHING. They will tell you to how popular JSON-LD and refer you to a list of sites that are just data stores. Marking up data to share between organizations is great. I'm all in favor of that. NASA is sharing via JSON-LD. Cool. But thats a far cry from social website. Nothing social is in that list. A format for data transfer would work, sure, but its not the easiest way, and its not the more user or developer friendly way. Developer friendly systems let you add pieces and support as you need it. For large system's thats fine because its an "add it once and you are done" type of situation, but for a decentralized system there are going to be a lot of different implementations. You need something simple to get people to bother with it.