mpTweet now working

I have successfully managed to get my micropub to twitter bridge software working today. The basic idea is this, I log in to mpTweet, authorize mpTweet to publish on my behalf, then I log in to mpTweet and allow it to register itself with my site. It sends over a token and registers itself as a micropub syndication endpoint. Thats it! Now i get a new option in my list of syndicate-to values in all my apps. Whenever I use this option the micropub endpoint on my site will post to my site then immediately resend this data (along with the url) to mpTweet, which in turn posts it to twitter. Just as a regular micropub endpoint, this returns the URL of the syndicated copy, which can now be displayed on my site. The main goal is to get it so that I can publish to any micropub server as a syndication of my site. Actually, i can do this right now I suppose, I just need to manually insert the token to my site, and the syndication target won't necessarily know to treat the post as a syndicated copy. But its simple and cool. Now to make a facebook version... eep.