Tantek coined a phrase this past week that I wanted to share with everyone. Denial of Productivity Attack. This is simply a way of describing when people troll your group and try every which way they can to prevent you from getting any real work done. Sometimes its making asinine statement to incite argument. Other times its continually bringing up a subject that has already been discussed and dismissed by the group. The question is how best do you deal with such a person. Letting them drag you in to argument after argument is certainly a mistake, as they win. The solution I think is to call bullshit when you see it and just move on. Give as terse a response as you can that will shut down their argument and go back to getting real work done. Most times they will likely just ignore any faults in their own logic. It can be a challenge for sure. The light at the end of the tunnel is that most people are pretty good at detecting bullshit themselves. All one need do is call out the bullshit and then others will see the gaps in their logic, the dodges to other subjects, the outright lies. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel.